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Leading Edge Slots vs Vortex Generators. ... Additionally, the leading edge slotted wing is VERY resistant to power-off spins and completely resistant to power-on spins. This added benefit greatly increases the safety margin on the aircraft, especially for bush flying. What is the difference between a leading edge flap and a slat? First of all, slats produce a slot (not slat) somewhat aft of the leading edge in order to allow high-speed air from below the wing to pass through and maintain laminar flow to a somewhat higher angle of attack. They are a low-speed device. Leading edge slot - revolvy.com Leading-edge slat Slats deployed on an Airbus A318-100 A Leading edge slat is an aerodynamic surface running spanwise just ahead of the wing leading edge. It creates a leading edge slot between the slat and wing which directs air over the wing surface, helping to maintain smooth airflow at low speeds and high angles of attack .

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Leading edge slats prevent the stall up to approximately 30 degrees incidence (angle of attack) by picking up a lot of air from below, where the slot is large and accelerating the air in the funnel shaped slot (venturi effect) and blowing this fast air tangentially on the upper wing surface through the much smaller slot. Leading-edge slot - Wikipedia One way to reduce the cruise drag of slots is to make them able to be closed. This arrangement is known as leading-edge slats. Aerodynamically, slats work in the same way as fixed slots but slats can be retracted at higher speeds when they are not needed. Slats, in turn, are heavier and more complex than slots. Leading-edge slat - Wikipedia

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Leading Edge Slats have no effect upon lift, in fact, at low angles of attack may reduce lift. Their effect is to delay separation of the airflow at higher angles of attack, thus stall speed is reduced, allowing for reduced Takeoff and Landing speeds, exactly as for Leading Edge Flaps. What is the difference between flaps and slats? $\begingroup$ Just wanting to point that flaps can be located both at front and back of the wing (trailing-edge or leading-edge flaps), while slats only exists at the front. Main difference between slats/flaps is not location ,but (as you pointed out) functionality $\endgroup$ – Radu094 Jul 28 '15 at 13:57

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Slats vs. slotted L.E. - SuperCub.Org A Slat is the airfoil shaped device which is placed ahead of the leading edge of the wing. The Slot is the space between the Slat and the wing. Some designs have the Slat placed ahead of the leading edge. Others have built the Slat/Slot combination into the area behind the original leading edge so that the original contour is unchanged. Their performance is essentially the same. Leading-edge slats | Wiki | Everipedia

Slats are aerodynamic surfaces. Slats are present on the leading edge of the wings. When slats are deployed they allow wings o work at higher angle of attack. Slats increase the lift of the aircraft wing. Aircraft slats are deployed to make Aircraft fly at slow speed. Due to slats Aircraft can take off and land in shorter distance.

What is the difference between a leading edge flap and a slat?